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A Little About Us

Purebred Puppy brings you qualified breeders from all across the United States.

Purebred Puppies

Become a free member and list your purebred puppy for free within minutes. Easily manage all ads from your personalized dashboard.

Buyers can conveniently browse purebred puppies using our search feature, by breed. Sellers can easily list their purebred puppy for FREE and we find you qualified buyers.

Benefits to Sellers

  • FREE Listings!
  • Your email address is not placed directly on the site to help reduce spam.
  • No fee, No commission, Completely FREE
  • All new listing are available through RSS feeds
  • *NEW* - All listings are completely optimized for search engines
  • *NEW* - Email's are encrypted for your security
  • *NEW* - Captcha is used for verification of Buyers

Benefits to Buyers

  • Listings updated daily
  • Sold puppies are immediately removed
  • Very powerful search feature allows you to search for ANYTHING
    • By Breed, By Color, By Size
  • Daily update of new puppies available via RSS feed.